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Brad Pitt’s Christmas makeover


In the midst of his bitter divorce from wife Angelina Jolie, it appears Brad Pitt has decided to have a Christmas face makeover to start his new life as a single man. Speculation has grown when recent pictures emerged of his younger, taught looking face.

The fifty-three-year-old mega star is reported to have undergone an array of cosmetic surgery procedures to freshen up his ‘million-dollar face.’ It is alleged that he has had Botox, fillers, peels, and a minor face lift. Beverley Hills doctor,Robert Rey, gave his views on Brad’s changing faceto Radar Online, “Brad Pitt looks significantly younger! It does appear his more youthful look can be possibly attributed to fillers and/or Botox, as well as laser resurfacing or chemical peels.”

Close friends of the star have been reported to be concerned over his changing looks and have told him to stop ‘messing with his face.’It is clear that Brad is going through a very difficult time, due to a nasty custody battle over hissix children and his most recent film, Allied, bombing in cinemas. Jolie has filed for sole custody of their children, which insiders say is taking its toll on Brad, but he is fighting it all the way. Inside Brad may be broken, but his face is looking fresher than ever.




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