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Americans ‘spend, spend, spend on cosmetic dentistry’


Americans spend thousands on achieving the perfect smile.

Americans rank their smile as one of their most important features and are willing to spend thousands of dollars to keep it in top shape, a new study has shown. cosmetic dentistry

Dental Plans reported research carried out by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentists has estimated US citizens spend $2.75 billion (£1.68 billion) on cosmetic dentistry treatments every year.

Furthermore, the organisation noted teeth whitening, dental veneers and dental implants are three of the most popular treatments at present.

Elsewhere, Nova Southeastern University (NSU) in Miami has pledged $58,000 to help provide free emergency dentistry services to hundreds of children in the city.

Children from elementary schools in North Beach will receive free tooth-cleanings, fluoride sealant application and oral hygiene advice as part of the scheme.

The university made the move after research carried out by NSU revealed 50 per cent of children who had no health insurance had not seen a dentist in more than a year.

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