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Advice on cosmetic dentistry


Some of the many cosmetic dentistry that are now available have been highlighted.

Anyone wondering about the myriad of cosmetic dentistry procedures that are now available should look no further.

News provider Orom Index has revealed the range of options available to those looking to sharpen up their smile and the list includes contouring or reshaping of misshapen teeth, teeth whitening treatments, bonding, dental veneers, bridges and gum lifts.

Each procedure is designed to address specific problems. For example, whitening could people whose teeth have been discoloured through years of smoking, while reshaping or the use of dental veneers can help those whose teeth are crooked or buck-toothed.

Meanwhile, Pickering dentist Dr Steven Weiner recently told the Montreal Gazette that many older people are no longer suffering from bad teeth, but instead are feeling the pain caused from poor gum health.

He noted that advances in cosmetic and emergency dentistry have helped people keep their teeth for longer, but in old age, the gums still can become an issue.

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