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Adele’s no makeup video inspires millions of women to bare all


A growing list of celebrities have been jumping on the no makeup ‘selfie’ bandwagon, with Alicia Keys and Adele added to that list. Last week Adele posted a video on Instagram to apologise to her fans for cancelling a concert, due to issues with her vocal cords. The surprising element of the video being that she was not made up with her usual trademark eyeliner flick and her porcelain white complexion, but instead completely make up free. The video seemed to have such resonance with people as she spoke confidently and showed that she was not ashamed of the real person underneath her usual makeup, styled by her makeup artist Michael Ashton. She made it ‘ok’ to be her natural self.

Adele’s video, along with other celebrity’s no makeup selfie snaps, such as, Beyonce, Cameron Diaz, Lady Gaga and Fearn Cotton, to name a few, seem to have inspired over 12million women from the general public to ‘dare to go bare’, bare faced that is. Women of all ages have taken to Instagram to show their makeup-less faces, in an act of total empowerment. The phenomenon has given women the courage to show their natural selves and briefly shed the pressures and expectations of our modern society.

Search for the hashtag #nomakeup on Instagram to see for yourself all the wonderful makeup free women who have dared to share.

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