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Kids could ‘benefit from post-Easter check-up’


Easter egg treats could impact on the oral health of kids.

Many children across the UK will have eaten copious amounts of sweets and chocolate over the Easter period and therefore now could be a good time for parents to schedule a check-up for their oral health, it has been claimed.

Dental Plans reported parents worried about the state of their children’s teeth might like to begin by removing any leftover treats from the home, thereby reducing temptation for kids and adults alike.

Indeed, the American Dental Association recently revealed that tooth decay is the single most common ailment afflicting children in the country today and as such, keeping oral health in check should be a top priority.

Elsewhere, Beverley Beech, honorary chair of the Association for Improvements in the Maternity Services, recently said that women who are pregnant could be at a greater risk of miscarriage if they have poor oral health.

She noted that untreated gum disease could be one of the reasons women give birth prematurely.

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