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Children ‘could benefit from braces’


Children could benefit from having braces fitted.

Many children could benefit from having braces fitted and this, in turn, could help to boost their confidence as an adult.

Dental Plans reported that children should have their teeth looked at when they are relatively young in order to head-off any problems that might develop for them as they get older.

Indeed, having braces could be the best option for many kids, as having wonky or misaligned teeth can not only prove painful as they get older, but it could adversely impact on their self esteem.

Dr Homayoun Aminyar of New York commented: “There is no need for someone to be unhappy with their teeth, when there are many different orthodontic techniques in order for it to be corrected.”

Elsewhere, president of the American Academy of Paediatric Dentistry Dr William Berlocher recently claimed that children should receive a helping hand from their parents when they are learning to brush their teeth.

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