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Patients warned about bogus tooth whitening firms


Patients warned about bogus tooth whitening firmsPeople who are looking to undergo tooth whitening have been told to ensure they visit a fully-licensed practitioner.

This warning comes after the New Zealand Ministry of Health launched an investigation into unregistered firms that are carrying out the procedure down under, TV NZ reports.

The decision to look into the existence of bogus or "cowboy" companies comes after a woman suffered burning gums, which had also turned partially white, after she visited an unlicensed establishment.

However, the person in question escaped punishment because they were not official health professionals, which has led to increased calls for the industry to be more tightly regulated.

The country's Environmental Risk Authority has discussed the possibility of banning the use of hydrogen peroxide that is stronger than 3.6 per cent by unregistered practitioners.

Meanwhile, a dentist in Bristol has warned those who are seeking teeth whitening services to avoid bogus firms, after an apparent surge in the number of unknown companies offering discount rates in the UK.ADNFCR-2621-ID-800497027-ADNFCR

Flossing ‘can reduce the need for emergency dentistry’


Flossing 'can reduce the need for emergency dentistry'Using floss on a regular basis can significantly cut the risk of developing gum diseases that may require emergency dentistry.

The Daily Mirror has suggested that making a habit of flossing after brushing teeth can lead to a number of health benefits.

Indeed, the publication noted that rooting out bacteria in between the teeth can not only prevent gum disease, but can also reduce a person's risk of having a stroke.

Micro-organisms that develop in unclean mouths may jam up arteries and eventually lead to heart attacks.

Brushing is unlikely to remove all of the plaque built up around the teeth, thus making it important to floss in order to avoid bad breath.

Recently, Dentistry IQ reported that utilising dental floss can also prevent lung disease, as germs can often reach the organ via the windpipe.

Once this happens, problems can escalate as the lungs provide a warm environment for bacteria to grow.ADNFCR-2621-ID-800497018-ADNFCR

Emergency dentistry news: Flossing prevents tooth loss


Emergency dentistry news: Flossing prevents tooth lossGood oral health maintained by flossing may reduce the likelihood of undergoing emergency dentistry and limit the chances of a stroke, new research has suggested.

Japanese researchers have found that the possibility of having a stroke is linked to tooth loss occurring as a result of poor dental hygiene.

The study, conducted at Hiroshima University and reported on the Cosmetic Dentistry Guide website, found that people with less than 24 of their own teeth were faced with a 60 per cent higher chance of suffering from a stroke than those who had more natural teeth.

According to the website, a number of serious illnesses such as diabetes and heart disease can be linked to dental health and people with unhealthy teeth and gums are also at greater risk of requiring emergency dental procedures.

Dr Nigel Carter, chief executive of the British Dental Foundation, also attributes a healthy diet to better dental hygiene.

He said: "A diet rich in vitamins, minerals and fresh produce can help to prevent gum disease, a disease which can in turn, pose more significant risks to your overall health."ADNFCR-2621-ID-800483300-ADNFCR

Regular check ups ‘will reduce risk’ of emergency dentistry


Regular check ups 'will reduce risk' of emergency dentistryEmergency dental procedures can be avoided by attending regular check-ups, a medical expert has argued.

With a trip to the dentist proving to be a daunting experience for many people, Dr Nigel Carter of the British Dental Health Foundation has suggested that costs for treatment will increase if problems result in emergency procedures.

The importance of people brushing their teeth correctly to keep gums and teeth strong was also highlighted by Dr Carter, who suggested cosmetic dentistry is a worthwhile investment for anyone with good dental hygiene.

He stated that the prevention of dental problems will be less costly than curing them and said: "If you are not brushing your teeth properly you will be more likely to suffer from gum disease, which in time can cause the teeth to become loose and eventually be lost."

Meanwhile, Dentistry.co.uk has suggested that now is the time to book an appointment for a dental check-up, arguing "spring cleaning" the smile will boost confidence just in time for summer. ADNFCR-2621-ID-800480498-ADNFCR

Zoom teeth whitening ‘is safe and could strengthen enamel’


Could Zoom teeth whitening be for you?   Zoom teeth whitening has been recommended for people who want to achieve a brighter smile in a safe manner.

Dental Health magazine said clinical tests have shown that not only is the system effective, but it could also help to strengthen tooth enamel as a result of the micro-elements it uses.

Each Zoom session lasts for around 15 minutes and uses a special gel to bleach the surface of each tooth along with a fluorescent light.

It should not be painful and any sensitivity ends after around a day, although people who have had the treatment should avoid things like tea, coffee, curry and ketchup for 48 hours, the portal said.

Dentist Dr Sultan Sherzoy recently recommended Zoom teeth whitening as a way of giving people back their confidence, even after many years of suffering with a discoloured smile.

"There is a safe, fast solution to those who want to achieve that sparkling white smile," the expert commented.

Actress: Teeth whitening ‘is like getting a facial’


Amanda Peet is a fan of teeth whitening.Having teeth whitening treatment has been compared to getting a facial by one actress who is a fan.

Amanda Peet, star of films such as disaster epic 2012, told Bella Sugar that having a really "stainless smile" is a more important part of the beauty process than most people give it credit for.

She explained that she has gentle teeth whitening treatment about once every three months, or whenever she is getting ready for a big event.

"If you have a date coming up or you have an event or pictures or wedding or something like that, it's a great tool to use at the last minute," Peet remarked.

People who want brighter teeth might want to avoid DIY strips after Daily Mail writer Anna Maxted described how they damaged her enamel and made her gums recede.

She had been overusing products with dangerously high chemical levels for a long period of time.

Getting a Hollywood smile through teeth whitening ‘will make you feel great’


Getting a Hollywood smile through teeth whitening 'will make you feel great'Teeth whitening can add to a person's confidence, it has been claimed.

Owen Jones said procedures like Zoom teeth whitening will transform a person's teeth and could boost their self-esteem by making their overall appearance more attractive, when writing on the website UpdatedDailey.com.

"Sometimes, that smile becomes so contagious that you find yourself smiling and feeling better for the rest of the day on," he added.

Mr Jones also suggested a Hollywood smile can make someone appear friendly and more approachable to passing strangers.

He recommended coffee drinkers have teeth whitening as "the ingredients in caffeinated drinks can discolour your teeth", while smokers were also advised to undergo treatment.

People in the public eye whose teeth look beautiful and perfect are beneficiaries of teeth whitening work, according to Mr Jones.

With Zoom teeth whitening, patients can relax by watching a film while their teeth are lightened by up to eight different shades, the Irish Independent's Sinead Van Kampen said recently.

Journalist tries Zoom teeth whitening treatment – with sparkling results


One writer went for full-on brightness when she tried Zoom teeth whitening.  A journalist has spoken about trying Zoom teeth whitening for the first time.

Writing for the Irish Independent, Sinead Van Kampen said she had been encouraged to do so after seeing Hollywood stars flash their pearly white teeth on the red carpet at the Oscars and other award ceremonies.

She said that she was able to sit and relax while watching a DVD as the professional went about doing the whitening, which can result in teeth becoming up to eight shades brighter.

"Althought it's recommended that your new teeth match the whites of your eyes, I went the whole hog and got the full on Simon Cowell," Ms Van Kampen commented, joking that her colleagues needed sunglasses afterwards.

She concluded that Zoom teeth whitening can really give everyone the wow factor, but warned anyone having it to avoid food such as curries in the days afterwards, as they could result in staining.

Dr Sultan Sherzoy, speaking from his practice in New Jersey, recently said that he has seen patients get their confidence and self-esteem back after opting for Zoom teeth whitening, even if they barely smiled at all before.

Competition winner gets chance to try Zoom teeth whitening


A competition to win free Zoom teeth whitening has been won by a 25-year-old.  The opportunity to try Zoom teeth whitening has been given to one lucky competition entrant, who won one free treatment using the revolutionary technology.

Richard Barrett-Constantinou, 25, entered a contest being run by Beam, Dentistry.co.uk reports.

The product validation engineer was picked at random from everyone who did the same and said on his entry form that he would love to see his smile become dazzling.

"My teeth have been tarnished over the years due to the cups of tea I drink … I would love to have my teeth whitened because I think it would be a much-needed boost to my confidence ," he added.

The lucky winner might find that he likes Zoom teeth whitening enough to have a repeat procedure.

According to World Dental last month, the popularity of the treatment is on the rise as more people try it and like the results enough to recommend it to a friend.


Zoom teeth whitening ‘on the rise’


More people are believed to be investing in Zoom teeth whitening.The popularity and success of Zoom teeth whitening is on the rise, as the dental treatment begins to win over even more patients.

World Dental reported that the process is being chosen by an increased number of people across the globe, many of whom desire the gleaming smile it can create.

Developed by Discuss Dental, the procedure is carried out by professional specialists and works to lighten the colour of digits within the mouth.

A frequent slot on TV show Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, broadcast on US channel ABC, may also be working wonders when it comes to raising the profile of the treatment.

The powerful hydrogen peroxide-based tooth whitener used by experts during the method is the key to Zoom teeth whitening's success, the publication suggested.

Dr Anoop Maini, a member of the board of directors at the British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, recently said cosmetic dentistry is no longer reserved purely for the rich and famous and is now accessible to everybody.ADNFCR-2621-ID-800432653-ADNFCR

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