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Jason Dundas is to become an ambassador for Invisalign


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It has been announced that Jason Dundas is to become an ambassador for Invisalign. The Australian celebrity is best known for being a television presenter. His current role sees him hosting the Australian X-Factor. The celebrity will join the likes of Zac Efron, Serena Williams, and Eva Longoria in receiving the prestigious award. He is Australia’s first ambassador for the company.Jason Dundas is to become an ambassador for Invisalign

It was no secret that the 34-year-old was unhappy with his teeth before undergoing Invisalign treatment. He had made comments previously that his crooked teeth were a ‘burden’ to him. He also said that he thought he was ‘too old’ for teeth straightening. However, after seeking advice he realised that Invisalign treatment was very accessible. The brace was clear and removable so it did not interfere with his work.

Following his treatment, the star’s confidence and career saw a real boost. He was quoted on The Mail Online. “It just sort of changed my confidence level a bunch and my career kind of exploded after I had it done. It just took off.” It is amazing how straight teeth can make such a difference to how people look and feel.


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Cornwall dentist saves patient’s life


Cornwall dentist saves patient’s life

Cornwall dentist saves patient’s life – Dental patient, David Oldham, fell ill just before Christmas as he waited to see a dentist at his local surgery. The sixty-six-year-old man collapsed in the waiting room and remembers very little about the incident. The receptionist, Jill Constance, sounded the alarm and alerted the attention of dentist, Brian Needham. They both rushed to the aid of their patient.

Luckily for Mr. Oldham, his dentist’s previous job was a paramedic. This training, coupled with his dentistry experience, allowed Mr. Needham to identify a cardiac arrest and save the patient’s life. The practice staff worked together to perform CPR, and used a defibrillator to keep the sixty-six-year-old alive. Paramedics arrived on the scene after four minutes of receiving the emergency call and took over from the dentist’s staff.

Shortly after paramedics arrived an air ambulance was on the scene to take Mr. Oldham to the local hospital. Because of the quick thinking of the dental staff, and the life-saving equipment that they had to hand, their patient lives to tell the tale of his ordeal. Practice manager, Andy Taylor, said that it is vital that surgeries have defibrillators on hand for such occasions as these.


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Scuba diving could be bad for your teeth


New research has shown that scuba diving could have a dramatic effect on people’s teeth, according to a new study. The research, undertaken by staff at Buffalo University, showed that forty percent of people engaging in scuba diving activities have reported issues with their teeth and jaw.

Before embarking on any scuba diving activity, a medical examination is required, however, this does not include any checks to oral or dental health. Lead author of the study paper, Vinisha Ranna, was quoted in the Daily Mail, “Considering the air supply regulator is held in the mouth, any disorder in the oral cavity can potentially increase the diver’s risk of injury.”

Inexperienced divers can often clench their jaw while underwater, due to the cold temperatures, which can cause an array of issues from jaw pain, lost fillings, or loose crowns. Water pressure also plays a role, as this can cause pockets of air to build up around the roots of the teeth, potentially leading to broken molars, in some cases shattering teeth completely. It is advised that anyone wishing to undertake recreational scuba diving should seek advice from their dentist beforehand, to avoid any potential issues.



Prototype dental vaccine could neutralise harmful bacteria in the mouth


The world’s first dental vaccine could limit, or even replace, the need for gum surgery according to scientists from Melbourne, Australia. The breakthrough vaccination could work by stimulating the body’s own defenses to fight infection and reduce or eliminate harmful bacteria.

The team of Australian scientists have been working on the vaccine for almost fifteen years, alongside the biotech company CSL, who specialise in research, development and manufacture of medicines and vaccines to prevent serious conditions. The aim of this oral hygiene research and development was to produce a preventative medicine that could tackle periodontitis and general gum disease.

An article appeared in the NPJ Vaccines Journal earlier this week, which showed the findings of the prototype. The results suggested that it was extremely effective in triggering the natural human immune response to the bacteria Porphyromonas Gingivalis, and showed a neutralisation of this common culprit of bone and tissue loss. Scientists are hoping that a fully-fledged version of the vaccine could be available to the public within, as little as, a few years’ time. Not only would this be good news for overall health, considering it is linked to heart disease, dementia, and some cancers, but it would also mean that people would potentially need less invasive treatment from their dentist.




Duo imprisoned for dentist burglary


Halton Lodge Dental Surgery in Runcorn fell victim to a senseless ransacking and burglary at the hands of three men, at least two of which were addicted to class A drugs. Antony Wain aged 47 and Samuel Hambleton aged 38, along with an another unidentified male, were observed stealing items from the surgery back in March this year. Halton Lodge suffered loss and damages, including, money, dental supplies, and damage to property, worth around four thousand pounds.

Following a tip off to authorities, the two men were located at an address on Grangeway, where police initially had difficulty gaining entry to the property. Once inside, police arrested Wain and Hambleton after finding stolen goods on the premises. The men had even stolen the dental practice’s toothpaste.

Wain and Hambleton appeared in front of Chester Crown Court last Friday and were sentenced to twenty-eight months and twenty-four months respectively for the crime. It was also revealed that the pair have a very colourful past, with a total of seventy-two previous convictions between them, Wain being the most prolific with fifty-six to his name. Judge Patrick Thomas was not impressed by the pair’s antics, “You effectively ransacked the place. The consequence is the surgery was closed for three days, patients and staff were no doubt extremely distressed. The local community was without the dentist for three days and the business was caused considerable hardship.”



Unregistered dentist caught out by undercover investigator



Sixty-year-old Robert Webb of Hertfordshire has been caught performing illegal dentistry in unhygienic conditions, Stevenage Magistrates Court heard recently. The rogue dentist misled patients about his qualifications, claiming to be a clinical dental technician, when he has never held such a high position.

Mr Webb was caught out by an undercover investigator from the General Dental Council, posing as a client looking to enquire about dentures for her elderly mother. The conditions of the ‘clinic’ where he worked from were described as ‘cluttered, dusty and very dirty’ and bizarrely the unlicensed dentist kept pet hedgehogs in the premises. Jenny Stewart, the prosecutor at his trial, was quoted in the Daily Mail, “It is hard to gauge how many people he treated but he was clearly profiting from this and he would have come into contact with quite vulnerable elderly people.”

The courts found Mr Webb guilty of three offences relating to hisunlicensed practice and fined him over six thousand pounds. It emerged that the rogue dentist was previously struck off as a dental technician back in 2014 but continued to practice for a further two years before being found out. Mr Webb, who represented himself in court, said that it was his nature to be kind and helpful and that was how he ended up getting caught.



Dental nurse involved in helping Syrian refugees


Debbie Coyle, a dental nurse from Port Glasgow, has endeavoured on a mission of mercy, as part of a team of dental professionals, to help Syrian refugees fleeing war. The initiative has been arranged by Dentaid, a non-profit organisation that provides teams of dentists to the poor and needy. The team gave emergency dental treatment, mainly extractions and fillings, to refugees seeking shelter and safety in Greek camps.

The mission lasted four days, and the team worked tirelessly from morning until night to provide as much care as possible for the people devastated by war. They also handed out supplies of tooth brushes and toothpaste that had been kindly donated by dental practices across Inverclyde. The experience had a big impact on the thirty-five-year-old, she told the Greenock Telegraph, “It has made me see the world a little bit differently. I don’t think people realise how bad life is for the refugees in these camps.”

Debbie also spoke of the terrible conditions in the camps and spent time talking with people about their journey, and the atrocities they had been victim to. However, despite this, she said the refugees were extremely welcoming, even under such terrible circumstances. “When we took people’s teeth out they were so grateful that they would invite you to their tent for a coffee.” Debbie hopes to go back in the future to provide more care for refugees in need.




Woman spends £20,000 to look like a Barbie Doll


In search of her very own Ken, Rachel Evans has shelled out £20,000 on cosmetic surgery to emulate the look of a Barbie Doll. Appearing on the Channel 5 show, Celebrity Botched Up Bodies, the forty-five-year-old single mum has said she will not stop until she looks exactly like her plastic idol.

Rachel’s obsession started in childhood where, even at school, she was called ‘the doll’ by her peers. Through her twenties she adopted a goth image, but is now very keen to move away from this by creating the look of a smooth, plastic like doll. “When I was 30, the reason why I started the quest to look like Barbie was I needed to kill off the gothic image, the old image. And I had this idea to look like a completely different person.”

In pursuit of her ideal image, Rachel turned to cosmetic surgery to change her look. She started off with Botox, and was so pleased with her wrinkleless face that she went all out, admitting that she has had every non-surgical procedure available. “I’m redesigning my face and I love that power and the control. I am 100 percent happily addicted to cosmetic procedures.”




New cosmetic surgery check list for patients


A new online checklist has been devised by The Royal College of Surgeons for patients wanting to undergo cosmetic surgery. The check list offers help with choosing the right clinic or hospital and also gives practical advice on recognising, and avoiding, rogue traders with supposed deals that really are too good to be true. The resource also advises people looking to get a procedure done not to rush into it or feel pressured to give consent, and gives a list of questions to ask to ensure patients are getting the right information.

The resource has been created on the back of the 2012 breast implant scandal that saw thousands of women suffer after being given silicone implants that were dangerously prone to leaking and splitting. Currently, the news headlines are awash with tales of botched procedures and surgeries gone wrong, so the arrival of the new resource is a step in the right direction for the industry.

Vice president of The Royal College of Surgeons, Stephen Cannon, has advised the public to ensure they do thorough research before even thinking about getting a procedure. Mr Cannon was quoted in the BBC News, giving advice to people thinking about cosmetic surgery, “Our advice is that if you are thinking of having some kind of work done, make sure you consult a surgeon who is trained and experienced in the procedure you are considering… look them up on the General Medical Council’s register.” Shockingly, any doctor or surgeon can offer cosmetic surgery without having to go through any additional training, so it is important to do the research first.




Fan’s concern over Charlotte Crosby’s recent Instagram photo



Ex Geordie Shore star, Charlotte Crosby, has stirred up growing concern from her fan with her recent Instagram post. The celebrity posted an early morning selfie which has got everyone talking, not because of her lack of make-up, but for the size of her lips. It is clear from the photo that Charlotte has had extensive fillers in her lips, as they are more than double the size they used to be.

Fans have shared growing concern for their idol, and have urged Charlotte to revert back to a more natural pout. One fan’s comment read, “Please stop with the lips, you’re ruining yourself and your starting to look absolutely ridiculous!” another read, “Your lips would make a fish jealous. Think you should leave it there.” However, not everyone had negative things to say, as some fans commented on how great she looked.

Previously this year, Charlotte openly discussed her cosmetic surgery habits and admitted that she had lip fillers every five months. She also made a bold statement to the Daily Mail Australia that she does not consider lip fillers to be the ‘Kylie Jenner effect’ as she was getting them done way before Kylie was.



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