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British Orthodontic Society’s warning over DIY braces


Do it yourself braces have grown in popularity over recent years, with many online shops offering appliances and accessories much cheaper than the cost of formal orthodontics. The BOS, a registered charity, have issued a warning to people to avoid this kind of product, as the possible risks to health are high.

Teeth straightening is a complex orthodontic process that requires thorough assessment and diagnosis of an individual’s personal circumstances. What may seem like a simple process requires specialist assessment of the mouth, with factors to be taken into consideration, such as, facial harmony, a person’s bite, overcrowding of teeth etc. The director of the charity’s external relations, Richard George, has issued a statement about the growing issue, “When it comes to the health of your teeth, cutting corners is a really bad idea. Buying aligners online to straighten your teeth without a clinical examination and then embarking on unsupervised treatment is risky and could cause permanent damage.”

The charity currently has a remit for providing patients with support and information on the best care and has expressed concerns over new developments in DIY braces. Worryingly, there are currently no regulations surrounding the websites that are selling these products and they are not run by dental professionals.


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