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X Factor judges are all having Botox, according to Simon Cowell


Simon Cowell has let the cat out of the bag in a recent interview, when he was asked how it is possible for the X Factor judges to look younger than they used to in previous shows. His response was quoted in the Mirror Online, “It begins with B and ends in otox.” Simon suggested that all his fellow judges have succumbed to Botox to stay youthful looking, which comes just weeks after Nicole Scherzinger denied having the procedure.

According to Simon, it was Louis Walsh that started the trend, and the rest of the panel have followed suit. He was very upfront about his colleagues, and pointed out how Louis’ face has changed over the years, “He’s got more hair now and the bags have suddenly disappeared. It’s funny that.” He went on to praise Sharon Osbourne for her open attitude over her cosmetic work and said he liked her ‘don’t care’ attitude.

Simon has also been very positive about his current judging panel and feels that they are a group he can keep in the future. This conclusion has been derived from the abundance of feedback from various social media outlets. The public generally seem happy with the current set up.




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