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Wall Street bankers turning to Botox to hide the signs of stress


It’s not just the economy that is suffering as a result of the recession, stressed bankers on Wall Street are turning to anti-aging treatments to hide the signs of pressure and anxiety brought on my money worries. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons has suggested that the men working in banking were becoming the ‘fastest-growing segment of [the] patient population currently.’

Dermatological surgeon, Dr Englemen, spoke to Bloomberg TV and explained that clients were looking to ‘reverse all the stress that obviously this economical climate has put on them. They want to look less tired, less wrinkled, they definitely want filler and Botox or some sort of laser treatment to make their skin look refreshed.’ Tension areas located between the eyebrows are a popular treatment site which can easily be improved with the anti-aging drug.

Dr Englemen went on to say that most patients who made one appointment return for further sessions when they realise that their appearance has not been altered beyond all recognition, ‘once they see what it’s like and realise it’s not changing their face, [and that] they look like them only a little better, they tend to be frequent flyers.’ She also commented on the demeanour of male patients compared to female ones, saying that ‘They tend to be really nervous and tentative from the get-go. They’re paranoid, they don’t want their wives to know, they don’t want – obviously – any of their colleagues to know.’

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