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Viewers question Amanda Holden’s appearance as she steps in to present TV show


    Amanda Holden has been filling in for TV’s Lorraine Kelly on her talk show, and viewers were left scratching their heads as the 45-year-old appeared to be struggling to move her face. The actress and TV judge has admitted to having facial injections in the past but claimed not so long ago that she quit having Botox after her daughter was born. Fans of ITV show Lorraine Kelly were quickly on Twitter wondering if Amanda has turned back to anti-aging techniques.

    Although most people were quick to suggest Botox injections as the reason for her facial expressions, or lack of, others were also wondering whether she may be wearing braces that have changed the way her mouth moves. Amanda didn’t comment on any of the rumours and has not said whether she has turned back to Botox despite quitting two years ago.

    Whilst the focus of her appearance on ITV seemed to be her complexion, there was much praise for the Britain’s Got Talent judge for her presenting skills; many viewers posted on Twitter that she did very well as a guest presenter, filling some big shoes while Lorraine Kelly was away. She also received many compliments on her ageless appearance and smooth complexion.


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