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Unregulated lip filler treatment goes horribly wrong



A woman who attend an appointment in Dubai for lip filler injections has urged others not to follow her example after her treatment when horribly wrong and she was left permanently disfigured by the botched procedure. According to the Express, the woman – known only as Jane – was on holiday in Dubai when she saw some advertisements for lip fillers. Although Jane was expecting a trained cosmetic surgeon to carry out the treatment this was not the case and she developed problems with her bottom lip just days later.

After rushing back to the clinic with swollen, painful lips and burning skin, Jane was told by the doctor that this was normal and would subside in a few days. However, as she was still worried by her symptoms, Jane sent some pictures of her lips to a doctor friend in the UK, who immediately told her to speak to a professional because the tissue in her lips appeared to be dying – a condition called necrosis.

Jane was then referred to a doctor in Dubai who carried out a treatment to dissolve the filler solution before the tissue died completely. The 28-year-old has urged others considering this treatment to check the Save Face register before making an appointment – this is an industry watchdog that shows a list of properly qualified practitioners who are trained to carry out this procedure.


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