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Surgeon discusses Heather Locklear’s Botox treatments


She might have experienced more than her fair share of ups and downs in her personal life, but according to a Beverly Hills surgeon, actress Heather Locklear has not let it take its toll on her appearance. The 51-year-old looked more youthful than ever when she stepped out in LA last week and surgeon Dr Raffi Hovsepian of RHMD cosmetic surgery clinic, has been examining her complexion to see what work she has had done, in his professional opinion – although he has not worked with her personally.

Dr Hovsepian said that Heather was aging well ‘while maintaining her natural beauty and youthful look,’ when he spoke to RadarOnline in an interview; he added that her forehead looks smooth, without wrinkles, which suggests that she has undergone Botox treatment or had brow lift surgery. The surgeon went on to say that, despite the surgical work, ‘it appears that she has maintained her facial volume beautifully, which could be done with fillers such as Juvederm or Restylane. The texture and look of her skin has been very well maintained, either simply from good skin care and/or chemical peels.’

As well as facial treatments, he suggested that Heather had undergone a rhinoplasty and breast augmentation over the years, but added ‘All in all, Heather still looks great today – as she always has.’

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