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Smartphones ‘could be causing more demand for Botox’


Smartphones may cause wrinkles and a need for Botox.People who buy a smartphone may find themselves wanting Botox not too long after they start using the device.

This is the suggestion of cosmetic surgeon Dr Jean-Louis Sebagh, who told the London Evening Standard that lots of young professionals are now developing wrinkles because they have to focus intently on a small screen.

He said the lines tend to develop between the eyebrows most often, as people scrunch up their faces to concentrate.

"It can be seen on anyone who has and regularly checks a BlackBerry or iPhone, Dr Sebagh commented.

However, he added that this problem "is easily rectified with the light use of Botox by an experienced doctor".

Back in September 2010, cosmetic surgery specialist Dr Michael Prager told the Telegraph many office workers may be in need of Botox in years to come because of 'computer face', which is characterised by saggy jowls, a second neck and deep wrinkles from staring at a monitor all day.

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