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Sitting near a window could create need for Botox


Extra light from a window could cause a need for Botox. People who sit near a window in their office could be more likely to get wrinkles and need Botox than those who sit away from the sun.

This is the conclusion of a new study by researchers at University College Hospital Besancon in France, who said they were surprised to find the rays penetrating glass could be nearly as damaging as those outside.

Although a window will block out UVB rays, 50 per cent of UVA light manages to get through, resulting in ageing and wrinkles that may later have to be treated with Botox.

Furthermore, people who sit with one side of their body facing the sun, for example in offices or cars, could see that side of their face age seven times faster than the side in the shade.

Professor John Hawk said people need to be aware the sun can be dangerous all the time, not just on holiday.

“The biggest danger is for staff in open plan offices with big windows,” he added.

Earlier this month, a Botox specialist told the New Zealand Herald she is seeing more and more men getting the treatment in a bid to stay looking young.

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