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Simon Cowell isn’t shy about Botox use


Media mogul  Simon Cowell has a tell all book about to be released, detailing his life as a millionaire, so it’s no surprise that the TV judge has been tabloid fodder for the past few weeks, as several bizarre stories about his home life have been revealed to the public. As well as requesting black toilet paper at ten pounds a roll and spending lots of time socialising with his ex-girlfriends, Simon has also opened up about his efforts to say looking young.

The 52-year-old has spoken about his regular Botox treatments – something that came to light after a suspiciously droopy eyelid made an appearance during the Britain’s Got Talent auditions. According to The Sun, Cowell has told his friends that Botox has done wonders for his complexion, saying ‘It simply works. You do it twice a year, who cares? And it balances my smoking and drinking.’ It is thought that he visits French doctor Jean-Louis Sebagh every six months for the anti-aging treatment.

As well as regular facial injections, Cowell enjoys massages, gets his chest waxed, dyes his hair, and has had his teeth treated with veneers; all in the name of youth and beauty. It is also rumoured that he is given an intravenous vitamin drip every week at his home in the US, which pumps vitamins B and C directly into his bloodstream.

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