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Scottish couple buy each other Botox as anniversary present


A couple from Scotland have decided that Botox would be the perfect gift for their first anniversary and purchased the his & hers treatments for each other to celebrate the milestone. According to the Daily Record, Tracey Alexander and Stephen Halleran visited the clinic for the Botox injections in order to give themselves a fresher, more youthful appearance; Tracey has just turned 40 and Stephen is 47 – both felt that frown lines on their foreheads made them look angry.

As well as Botox, Tracey opted for filler injections into her lips and she could not be happier with the results, she told the paper; ‘Stephen thinks my lips are brilliant – much more kissable, which has now committed me to having them done every year as I don’t want to go back to skinny lips.

Explaining their unusual choice for an anniversary present, Tracey said that they couldn’t think of anything conventional that they might want and so decided that Botox would be a good choice; she said ‘I’m always on a diet so I didn’t want chocolates. I’m not that keen on the smell of flowers. I’m probably non-traditional and awkward to get presents for anyway.’ She added that the couple feel they now have ‘a new beginning in an older body.’

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