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Sam Bailey admits to having Botox


X Factor winner, Sam Bailey, has admitted to having Botox injections due to her fear of aging. Being in the media spotlight can take its toll on celebrities, with constant pressure to look their best and maintain a youthful appearance. Sam admitted she’s finally succumbed to cosmetic surgery to rid herself of wrinkles.

Talking to The Sun newspaper, the thirty nine year old talent show winner explained how a fear of looking old spurred her on to have the procedure. “Once you get to a certain age you start to become scared about how old you look. I’ve got massive lines on my forehead so I’ve had Baby Botox – tiny doses – there and above my cheekbones.”

Sam also explained how she was inspired by her friend Katie Price to take the plunge and have the treatment. “I’ve noticed the difference and I can see how addictive Botox can be.” Sam also disclosed to Closer magazine that she intends to have the treatment topped up and will definitely consider it again in the near future. However, Sam did add that she was fearful about being on television and not being able to move her face.



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