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Popstar Toyah Wilcox says British film companies don’t allow Botox 

Eighties superstar Toyah might be 58-years-old but she doesn’t let that slow her down and she will be back on our screens in a follow-up to cult classic Quadrophenia soon. In a recent interview she talks about the upcoming film and also mentions that British film companies won’t allow performers to have Botox injections – even insisting on a clause in their contracts.
In an interview with The Mirror, the pint-sized popstar admitted to having a facelift a decade ago after suffering cruel comments following an appearance on a TV chat show but she says she has not had Botox injections due to her work commitments. Toyah told the paper that it is ‘insisted’ upon by film companies so that actors and actresses are able to move their faces.
Despite the agreements companies make with performers, Toyah explains that some people still dabble with facial injections but have good quality work done so that no one can tell that there has been cosmetic work carried out. It seems that Toyah is put off by American performers who have had too much work done and can’t move their faces to form expressions.
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