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More middle-aged men than ever are getting Botox treatment


According to new figures released by, men aged between 45 and 55 are the least likely to tell a wife or partner that they are getting Botox injections to get rid of wrinkles, even though the number of men in this age group undergoing the treatment has risen sharply. Around 10% of those getting Botox treatment in Britain are male, and reasons for this range from looking younger for a mistress to keeping up with a partner who has started cosmetic treatment.

It was also revealed that 21% of men who have this treatment don’t tell anyone about it, with 11% paying in cash so that the procedure does not show up on bank statements. The research showed that city men were more likely to go for Botox treatment, with those living in Manchester, Edinburgh, and London, the most likely to visit a clinic.

Dr Ganesh Rao, of, said that this was no longer a female treatment, asking ‘Women have widely adopted the procedure, so why shouldn’t men enjoy the benefits to their self-esteem too?’ He added that this treatment isn’t just for vanity, it is ‘a great confidence booster’ and went on to say that ‘The Botox boom over the last five years shows no signs of slowing down. More than one million procedures a year are carried out in the UK.’

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