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Michelle Heaton can’t wait for post-pregnancy Botox


Former Liberty X member Michelle Heaton is expecting a baby in under two months’ time, but she seems to have other things on her mind than what to call her first born or what colour to paint the nursery, in fact she’s more concerned with her first post-pregnancy Botox session to deal with her facial lines.

‘I’ve been having Botox since I was 28.’ The 31-year-old told Closer magazine, ‘If used correctly, it can make a huge difference. I can’t wait to have the baby so I can have it again.’

Michelle’s biggest gripe is with her frown lines, one of which appears in the middle of her forehead if she doesn’t have regular injections. ‘I look angry all the time and it really upsets me.’ She said.

As well as dealing with her wrinkles, Michelle also hopes to get her size eight figure back after giving birth. ‘At first, it was really hard to let my body go after being in firm control for three years,’ she admitted, but added that she was ‘getting used to’ her curvier figure.  She told the magazine that she was planning to get back to her exercise routine as soon as possible, saying ‘After the birth, I’m going to dust off the cross-trainer at home and order some fitness DVD’s, so I can exercise whenever I have a spare minute. I’ve really missed the gym.’

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