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Lulu changes her tune about Botox


Despite the fact she owes her youthful complexion to the anti-aging drug, singer Lulu has vowed to lay off the Botox injections as she nears sixty, blaming it for the fact that parts of her face became ‘immovable.’

‘I used to have Botox and I thought it was fantastic at first, but it quickly fades,’ Lulu told Good Housekeeping magazine, claiming that ‘it doesn’t actually help you to look young.’ She seems to have overlooked the current trend for celebrities relying on similar products to an unhealthy degree; Botox and the like can’t work miracles, but when used appropriately, they aim to get rid of small lines and wrinkles that make the face appear aged.

Although she’s not keen on getting any more injections, the Shout singer hasn’t ruled out cosmetic surgery in the future, saying ‘as with everything, it’s a case of going to the best person and having it done in moderation.’ She also commented that she is always aware of her appearance, saying ‘I never go out looking like a bag lady and I even put on lip gloss to walk the dogs. I’ll be trying to look my best until I’m eighty and beyond, God willing.’ Lulu maintained that she had her exercise regime and healthy diet to thank for keeping her looking young, as well as her positive mental attitude, ‘To me, feeling good about yourself as you get older is all about your attitude,’ she said, ‘if you think you’re old, you’ll feel old.’

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