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Loose Women presenter Katie reveals Botox fears for children


After admitting that she encourages her husband Kieran to get Botox treatment, TV presenter Katie Price has explained that she doesn’t feel the same way about her young daughter and son getting cosmetic treatment when they are older. Katie, 37, told her fellow panellists that she would not be able to stop them but it would not be something she would encourage, despite her own penchant for the anti-wrinkle treatment.

Katie was asked by her co-presenters whether she would be open to daughter Princess, now eight, and son Junior, ten, having the cosmetic treatment to reduce the signs of aging, and she was hesitant about the idea but admitted that there would be no way to stop them if they reached the age of eighteen and decided they would like to try it.

Although she did add that she feels eighteen is ‘far too young’ to start with cosmetic injections, she pointed out that there is no way to control what an adult does and her children would be making their own choices at the age of eighteen.

The mother-of-five jokingly added that by the time the children reach her age, ‘you’ll probably have implants and everything in your face, the way things are going.’


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