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Lindsay Lohan’s dad gets Botox


Michael Lohan has had Botox.Lindsay Lohan's dad has had Botox treatment on his face, it has been revealed.

The father of the Hollywood starlet – who fell out with her at one time but now seems to be back in her good books – took a camera crew with him to film him and his girlfriend having the procedure.

According to, the pair both seemed to be pleased with the results of the Botox injections, which were carried out by Dr Michael Persky in Los Angeles.

Lohan had been talking about changing his image in front of the press, but he did not mention having Botox in order to do so!

Meanwhile, Lindsay Lohan had to have emergency dentistry to remove some teeth that were giving her pain last month, stated.

A source close to the actress said she had been forced to have them removed, but was being brave and shunning painkillers afterwards.

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