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Lauren Goodger has lip fillers removed


Former reality star Lauren Goodger has decided to remove lip fillers after having the treatment done for many years, and she has gone back to the natural look, for the moment at least. The 29-year-old described the experience as ‘liberating’ and she revealed her new look to MailOnline in a series of pictures.

The former The Only Way Is Essex regular had regular lip injections for five years but decided it was time to have the filler solution removed so that she could embrace the natural look. She told the paper that she had been undergoing ‘constant top-ups’ for the past five years but chose to have the fillers removed so that she could go with the natural look, as she has embraced a positive body image and improved her health with a new fitness regime.

Lauren’s surgeon, Dr Esho, said that Lauren had overdone the filler injections and this meant that there was a build-up of the solution in her lips that had to be removed. He added that she would have to fight the temptation to go back and have more filler treatment but she should try to maintain the natural look because she has youthful lips that are a great shape as they are.


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