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Kylie Jenner sparks Botox rumours


Kylie Jenner has always been very open about having lip fillers, but now rumours have circulated as to whether the ‘Keeping up with Kardashians’ star has had Botox. Fans of the star noticed a difference in her face and skin following an Instagram selfie that the nineteen year old posted to promote home teeth whitening kits. Kylie has 75.3 million followers on social media, so it is inevitable she is going to be scrutinised.

Fans took to Instagram in response to her selfie, posting questions about the star’s smooth, plump face “Is it me or is Kylie starting to have that plastic surgery face?” another commented, “She can’t even smile anymore.” However, other fans were mesmerised by the stars beauty and posted positive comments on how gorgeous and beautiful she looked. Some fans have attributed the difference in her face to the fact that she has recently dyed her hair platinum blonde, and think that the new hair colour may have changed the overall look of her face.

Amongst all the speculation, Kylie was not perturbed by the negative attention she had received and took to Instagram again posting more selfies to promote herself and the teeth whitening products for all her fans to see.





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