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Kim Zolciak claims she ‘desperately’ needs Botox for migraine treatment


Reality tv regular Kim Zolciak has claimed that her regular Botox injections are not for cosmetic use and are in fact to help with her chronic migraines. The Real Housewives of Atlanta star is currently competing on Dancing With The Stars and she spoke to Fox 411 about her use of the anti-aging treatment, insisting that it was for medical reasons, rather than to improve her appearance.

37-year-old Kim told followers on Instagram that she had visited a dermatologist in Beverly Hills and later told Fox that she ‘needed’ the treatment, not to get rid of wrinkles but to deal with migraines that have been affecting her for years. The Real Housewife said that her Doctor really came through for her, even though he had just had a baby two days before she begged him to come and give her the treatment.

Kim told the website that ‘on a more serious note’ the treatment is for migraines that she has suffered with since she was 23; she claims that if she goes longer than ninety days without the Botox injections she ends up bedridden due to chronic migraines. Speaking about the product from a cosmetic point of view, the reality star added she is ‘all for making yourself feel good’ and added that there is no shame in feeling good about yourself, so ‘Why lie? Why hide? We only go around one time so enjoy it.’

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