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Kim Zolciak admits to Botox and fillers in interview with her daughter


Reality star Kim Zolciak is used to being put on the spot in interviews but the Real Housewives of Atlanta star is probably not used to being interviewed by her own daughter. Kim, 38, was filmed for an interview for TMZ at LAX and her daughter Brielle, 19, was behind the camera.

Kim’s daughter was not scared to ask the big questions about her mother’s surgical procedures and she asked her mother straight away what she was doing in Los Angeles. Kim explained that she had flown in to visit her cosmetic surgeon and got some Botox treatment done. Although she might have gone under the knife before, Kim said that she did not have any plastic surgery done during this visit and just had fillers into her lips and Botox injections to smooth out any wrinkles that might appear.

Brielle asked her whether she visits every time she flies to LA and Kim admitted that she does like to see her cosmetic surgeon and added that she loves him. The reality regular also said that she occasionally flies to LA just for Botox treatment but recently she has been ‘doing some other shows’ but was unable to talk about it immediately.


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