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Kim Kardashian denies Botox use while pregnant


She is best known for her love of make-up and anti-aging treatments, but even reality star Kim Kardashian is denying rumours that she has been keeping up with her Botox treatment despite being seven months pregnant with her first child. Kim is frequently featured in the media or on the reality show Keeping Up With The Kardashians having beauty treatments; her face has changed dramatically over the last few years, thanks to Botox, fillers, and various other cosmetic procedures.

Botox is a safe treatment but surgeons recommend avoiding it while pregnant and breast feeding in the months after giving birth.

A report featured in In Touch magazine suggested that the 32-year-old was still attending regular appointments to keep her skin smooth and wrinkle-free; a source close to the family told reporters that ‘she’s still getting injections even though she’s pregnant. She’s become more neurotic than ever about her looks. She’ll do anything to be beautiful.’

Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Jon A. Perlman – who does not provide Kim’s treatment – was in agreement with the rumours, and commented on Kim’s suspiciously smooth complexion, saying ‘the lack of upper facial wrinkling and expression suggest Botox. Her skin is too smooth.

A spokesperson for the Kardashian family hit back at the suggestions, saying simply ‘It’s absurd and NOT true!’, although no comment came from Kim herself when the story broke yesterday.

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