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Khloe Kardashian addicted to Botox and fillers


Khloe Kardashian’s strict exercise and diet regime is only part of the star’s transformation over the years. A friend told Now Magazine that the ‘Keeping up with the Kardashians’ star has spent a small fortune on cosmetic surgery, stating that the bill currently stands at around £1.5 million before adding that Khloe is obsessed with fillers and Botox


Khloe has stacked up quite a hefty surgery bill over the years, with a large proportion of the work being done on her face and neck. Some of the work Khloe Kardashian is said to have had so far includes, having facial fat moved from under her eyes to her cheekbones, Botox in her Jaw, temples and eye area, ear reshaping, jaw bone shaving along with laser treatments and acid peels.  It has been revealed that Khloe undergoes cosmetic laser treatments on her face and neck on a weekly basis and Botox every few weeks. In addition to the listed cosmetic works, Khloe has also had two nose jobs with a third planned in the future.


A good indicator of how much Khloe has changed could be seen last month when she went to visit her grandmother MJ, and was completely unrecognisable to the 82-year-old.

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