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Kerry Katona denies DIY Botox treatment


ITV reality star Kerry Katona has never been one to hold back when it comes to personal information, she’s known for laying everything on the table for the entertainment of the public. In the past, Kerry has admitted to using dermal fillers and spoken about her desire for a boob job, among other cosmetic enhancements, but she’s recently been at the centre of rumours concerning at-home DIY injections.

Botox treatment is very popular with men and women, but surgeons are clear that you should go to a reputable clinic and not rely on cut-price DIY products. In small amounts, the toxin is highly effective, but could be potentially fatal in the hands of the inexperienced or unqualified. Reports earlier this month suggested that the 31-year-old had undergone a series of Botox injections administered by a friend at home. At the time, she made no comment to the public or the media, but she’s spoken to OK! magazine about the gossip.

‘A few weekly mags have also printed that I’ve been using cut-price Botox kits at home!’ She told the magazine, ‘I haven’t had Botox since last January and I certainly haven’t used any DIY kits at home.’ She later added that it was flattering to think that people considered her skin to be smooth and without wrinkles, but that journalists should check their facts before printing inaccurate stories.

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