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Katie Price reacts to botched cosmetic surgery gibes


Ex glamour model and successful business woman Katie Price has hit out at the Channel 5 reality show, ‘Botched Up Bodies’ for the second time this year. Price came under fire for the first time by the show back in January, when a cosmetic surgeon was quoted as saying, “Katie Price is a fantastic example of the negative consequences of oversized implants because you inevitably enter a spiral of continuing surgery to try and undo what has been done.”

Recently the show featured her again, discussing her surgery in a negative way. In true Katie Price style, she has hit back at her critics with a cutting tweet directly at Channel 5, “I hear I’m on @channel5_tv botched bodies! My body is not botched up thx prob cause I won’t go on show they slating me! My bod is amazing.”

Over the years, Katie has had a number of procedures performed and she has always been very open and honest about the topic. Within her six autobiographies, her newest one being released this year, she talks in detail about the work she has had done, with particular reference to her breast augmentations, lip fillers, veneers and Botox.




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