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Katie Price lays off Botox for pregnancy


It is hard to disguise the fact that glamour model Katie Price has had a lot of cosmetic surgery done to alter her appearance, but she has decided to lay off the treatment due to her recent pregnancy and she wrote in her column at The Sun newspaper that she was getting used to the changes that she has seen so far.

Katie, 35, has just given birth to her fourth child and prior to her pregnancy she was an avid fan of Botox; she constantly received the treatment to keep her skin looking smooth. Facial injections are not advised when a woman is pregnant, so the I’m A Celebrity contestant had to keep away from Botox and fillers until she gave birth to son Jett Riviera – who was born prematurely a fortnight ago.

In her column, Katie wrote that she has ‘gone the longest time without it’ and added ‘I can actually see wrinkles, smile lines and movement around my eyebrows. I have to admit, I don’t mind my new wrinkles at all.’

Although she might have some new wrinkles on her face, it doesn’t sound like Katie has sworn off the treatment completely, as she explains that she’s ‘always said Botox can’t and won’t make you look younger – just more fresh and tight.’ She also joked ‘and light in the wallet area’.

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