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Katie Price admits she would like husband to get Botox treatment



She is famed for her love of non-invasive surgery and now former glamour model Katie Price has decided that her nearest and dearest could benefit from a little cosmetic intervention as well; the mother-of-five has admitted that she encourages her 28-year-old husband Kieran to get facial injections, namely Botox, to stave off wrinkles and lines.

The 38-year-old TV presenter spoke on Loose Women about her love of the anti-aging treatment and said that she has asked her younger husband to get the injections too, mainly because he has developed some crow’s feet wrinkles at the sides of his eyes and she would like to see them smoothed out. However, Kieran seems to have put his foot down for now, saying that he won’t get injections into his face, although he has had it done into his armpits to stop over-sweating.

Apparently the former stripper is not a fan of injections into the face but is happy to get it done in the armpits for cosmetic reasons. As well as her husband, Katie shared with viewers that her father has also had Botox treatment in his armpits, as she explains ‘there is nothing worse than looking at a man with pit marks’ when they are sweating in warm weather.




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