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Kate Middleton’s new hairstyle dubbed the ‘Botox fringe’


The Duchess of Cambridge’s new hairdo has been getting her plenty of attention lately, with some people dubbing the bangs a ‘Botox fringe’, suggesting that the style is designed to hide lines and wrinkles on the forehead. This type of fringe has also been called ‘the new Botox’ as more and more people turn to their hair in order to try and hide the aging process, rather than halt it altogether.

Although it has not been suggested that the 33-year-old has had any sort of facial injections, there is speculation that this new hairdo is useful for women who don’t want to get Botox just yet or those that have already had a dose and it has started to wear off. The fringe can simply hide lines on the forehead and take years off the appearance.

Christian Shannon, Artistic Director at Brown Sugar, spoke to the Irish Independent about this phenomenon, saying that he sees a lot of women growing their hair while they are pregnant because they are not getting Botox injections at this time, so many of them grow a fringe to disguise the changes. Once they can get Botox again they tend to cut the fringe a little shorter to show off the results of their treatment. He added ‘If you’re using Botox regularly, it stretches the forehead and it looks very botox-y. People are using [a fringe] as an alternative so they don’t have to get their Botox all the time.’

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