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Judy Murray changes her tune on Botox


She was once an advocate of facial injections, but mother of tennis star Andy Murray has changed her mind about Botox anti-wrinkle treatment; Judy Murray has now decided that she would like to grow old gracefully and forego cosmetic treatment. Judy, 55, said some time ago that she had Botox injections because she looked like a ‘scary monster’ due to her facial wrinkles.

Judy was taking part in BBC show Strictly Come Dancing when she decided that she would like to get Botox in order to make herself look younger and healthier on-screen. Following her stint as a contestant on the dance show, the former professional tennis player changed her mind and has decided that she will not bother with cosmetic treatment any more. She said of her previous experiences with the procedure ‘I experimented with a dash of Botox between my eyebrows to soften my scowl but it didn’t really make much difference so I left it. I believe in growing old gracefully.’

Instead of looking at her appearance, mother-of-two Judy has been trying to find ways to relax following many years of playing her sport, she said; ‘Tennis has caused two frozen shoulders which took a lot of physio to sort out. They are still very stiff and the hot-stone massage is brilliant. I am still slow on the court though.’

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