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Joan Collins comments on image-conscious Britain


Dynasty legend Joan Collins has shown up on our TV’s again as the face of Snickers, alongside her former co-star Stephanie Beacham, and the actress is drumming up some publicity for the advertising campaign, by taking a pop at the badly-dressed people of Britain and those who are partial to a bit of Botox now and again.

‘I feel people don’t care about the way they present themselves,’ the 78-year-old said, adding that ‘dressing well is a fun thing to do.’ Joan, who is currently on her fifth husband, imagined that ‘it doesn’t cost a lot of money’ to afford decent clothes, and compared an expensive casual outfit of jeans, trainers and an anorak, to a ‘nice suit from Zara or Marks & Spencer.’ She didn’t specify where she got her figures from on this topic.

The self-confessed ‘Diva’ went on to talk about her dislike of cosmetic surgery, describing Botox rather dramatically as ‘poison’, and saying ‘with facelifts, I’ve seen some good ones and bad ones, but having plastic surgery in your 20’s is sad and dangerous.’ Ms Collins attributes her own youthful complexion to a strictly regimented routine, one that she has been sticking to for ‘400 years!’ she assured The Daily Mail today. ‘I never go to bed without taking off my make-up and applying night cream.’ She revealed, although, there are probably those in the entertainment industry that remain sceptical about the Dynasty stars claims.

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