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Jersey Shore’s Snooki posts pictures of her Botox treatment


She’s recently been finding ways to get her picture back in circulation on social media, and former reality star Nicole ‘Snooki’ LaValle has found a new way to get attention; posting videos of her getting Botox injections. The 28-year-old is obviously a fan of anti-aging treatments and she added a series of Snapchat videos of herself sitting in the plastic surgeons office to get her Botox injections done.

The Jersey Shore cast mate first had filler treatment done last year by Dr Ratmin Kassir and she announced on her video clip that she was ‘getting needles’ in her face to fight the signs of aging.  Although she had her lips done last August, this is Snooki’s first time with Botox injections and she has decided to have this done in her forehead to get rid of wrinkles that have started to appear.

Right before the injections were administered, the pint-sized reality star added ‘Here we go guys, Mommy!’ Fortunately, Snooki did not find the treatment too painful, saying that the surgeon added a vibrating tool to her forehead to numb the area and described her first experience with Botox as ‘not bad at all.’ She also had her lips injected with fillers and posted pictures of herself undergoing the treatment last year, saying she has always ‘hated’ her thin lips.

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