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Irish men are using Botox as ‘good grooming’


If rumours in the world of cosmetic surgery are to be believed, more Irish men are turning to Botox treatment to improve their complexion, and many of them view it as part of their regular grooming schedule.

48-year-old Peter Hosford from Dublin spoke to The Irish Independent about the procedure and said that he has been getting Botox injections since he was 35 and sees it as part of general maintenance; something no more invasive than dying hair. ‘It’s not like going under the knife, it erases the lines very naturally and you just look fresher,’ he told the paper, adding that he initially attended appointments in Dublin but found it too expensive overall, so he switched to a clinic in Newry four years ago, after a friend recommended the change.

Peter explained the decision to swap clinics, saying ‘It’s an hour door-to-door and it’s definitely worth it for the savings – you pay 250 euros or 300 euros in Dublin for one area of the face, whereas you’d get three areas done in Newry for that price.’ He also said that he has no qualms about undergoing the procedure regularly, saying ‘There’s still a bit of a taboo about it with a lot of people, but I see it as part of good grooming and looking after yourself, so I’d be very open about it.’

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