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Hollywood surgeon suggests Beyoncé has had Botox and plastic surgery


She has always denied having any work done but one particular cosmetic surgeon is sure that pop queen Beyonce has had some cosmetic enhancement, and possibly surgery, to try and maintain her good looks.

Top Hollywood surgeon Dr Anthony Youn spoke to Radar Online about the songstress and her youthful appearance, even claiming that she has had a rhinoplasty, as well as Botox and lip fillers.

Viewing pictures of the star at a boxing match in Vegas, Dr Youn said that the 34-year-old appeared to look different and this may be due to cosmetic surgery. He said that ‘her upper lip also looks like it may have been moderately enhanced, possibly with a filler.’ As well as filling her lips, Dr Youn said that it looked like Beyoncé had undergone further filler injections into her nasolabial folds – the lines that go from the sides of the nose to the corners of the mouth.

In the past, the mother-of-one has voiced her concerns about the pressures on women to undergo cosmetic treatment in order to fight the signs of aging, saying ‘Some of the things that young women go through are just really heart-breaking for me.’


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