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Have Katy Perry and Russell Brand had Botox?


Have Perry and Brand opted for Botox?A news provider has speculated that Katy Perry and Russell Brand's recent fresh-faced look could be down to Botox treatment.

The newlyweds were photographed on the MTV Europe Awards red carpet this week and 2Day's gossip column suggested their appearance was a little too flawless to be entirely natural.

In fact, there was "barely a crease or a wrinkle to be seen", the source said.

Of course, the relaxed look could have been down to a laid-back honeymoon!

Perry and Brand tied the knot in India last month and they showed off their matching diamond wedding rings to the press this week.

Back in August 2010, Perry suggested in a question and answer session for YouTube that she may have teeth whitening treatment in order to get her smile "Britney Spears white".

She said she has always been envious of the singer's dazzling smile and brushes her teeth all the time to make sure they look similar.

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