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Felicity Kendal says no to further Botox injections


She is well known for her youthful appearance but Felicity Kendal has always kept quiet about how she maintains her looks as she gets older; now the 67-year-old actress has admitted that she did use Botox in the past and said that she would not do it now, as she wants her complexion to ‘match’ the rest of her body as she ages.

In an interview with Good Housekeeping, Felicity – who shot to fame with BBC sitcom The Good Life in 1975 – said that there was a certain amount of pressure to retain a youthful complexion in the entertainment industry but stated that she hasn’t ‘done fillers or Botox for ages.’ She went on to say that ‘there comes a point where you have to match bits of you with the other bits, otherwise you get a terribly random situation. All that is off the cards now.’

Felicity explains that she prefers to use exercise to keep herself looking and feeling young, rather than cosmetic treatments like facial injections. Speaking about her experience with dermal fillers she advised against it for people who have prominent cheekbone already, joking that ‘when your cheekbones are high, it’s chipmunk time.’

The mother-of-two also went on to talk about the role of women in society, adding ‘we’ve still got this hang-up about what women look like. I do it myself. There is still an obsession with women’s looks, and that’s never going to go, but we could be a little more generous.’

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