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Fans shocked by photo of Charlotte Crosby before cosmetic surgery


Zoella, the popular YouTube beauty guru, has shocked fans by tweeting an old photo of her and Geordie Shore star, Charlotte Crosby. Both celebrities look completely different, however, the most dramatic transformation can be seen in Charlotte. The most obvious difference is her nose, as the star underwent a rhinoplasty back in February of this year. One tweeter scathingly commented, “She was so much better before, natural, if you put her face next to a radiator it would melt.”

Charlotte has been very open to her fans about her surgery. In the days that followed her nose job she was posting two hundred plus selfies a day on popular social media sites, showing her jubilation over the results and revealing her bruised and blackened eyes.

Another obvious difference from Zoella’s photo is Charlotte’s lips. They are visibly much smaller, especially her top lip. It is clear the impact that lip fillers have had on her appearance, and she is not afraid to shout about it, posting pictures on Instagram again of bruising caused by the procedure. Charlotte’s boasting did not go unchallenged however, with an array of people posting negative comments, such as, “This is way too much” and “You can see the inject hole wow ouch.”


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