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Dr Zoe Williams provides info on Botox treatment in This Morning appearance


This Morning hosts Ruth and Eamonn were joined by doctors Zoe Williams and Dr Raj Singh, who offered their advice about how to get the best from cosmetic treatments such as Botox and dermal fillers. The two procedures are extremely popular but viewers of the show said they were still unsure about how to organise the treatment and where to go.

One caller said that she had lost a lot of weight following gastric bypass surgery but the reduced fat in her face had left her with wrinkles; Dr Zoe Williams advised her that Botox could be helpful but it depends what she is ‘trying to achieve’ after her weight loss. With many of the wrinkles gathering around her eyes, Zoe suggested that she tries fillers instead, as Botox may not be successful in this area of the face. She recommended a consultation with a surgeon to see what would work best considering the condition of her skin.

The doctors also advised strongly against ‘DIY Botox’ products that can be purchased from other countries, as well as recommending other ways to avoid getting wrinkles in the first place, including avoiding sunlight, quitting smoking, and maintaining a healthy diet.


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