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Danniella Westbrook films cosmetic surgery procedure


Ex EastEnders star, Danniella Westbrook, has seen her fair share of the media spotlight recently, with her unfortunate health scare over failed dental implants and various personal dramas that have unfolded. However, this is one story that she was more than willing to share. During an appointment at the Lip Couture Salon in Liverpool, the star filmed herself having cosmetic surgery.

Danniella gave her fans a step by step account of what it is like to have the popular anti-aging treatment, Botox, by posting videos and pictures on SnapChat for all to see. The video shows her grimacing and wincing as the Botox is injected into the ‘crow’s feet’ area around her eyes and into her forehead. She also filmed close up shots of the injections, which were clearly painful from the look on her face.

After the procedure, there were visible raised patches with red blood spot, however, the star seemed pleased by the results of the painful experience, and posted post-surgery selfies of her smiling. Danniella has undoubtedly had a rough year, but despite this, the star seems to be on the up, as she has been pictured laughing with friends and attempting to rebuild her life.


Dr. Niall Hutchinson carries out all our anti-ageing treatments. Due to his extensive experience in facial rejuvenation treatments Dr. Niall Hutchinson has successfully completed well over 3,000 anti-wrinkle treatments. He has also developed his techniques to the point of being painless with natural-looking results. For his anti-wrinkle treatments, he uses Azzalure (botulinum Type A manufactured by Ipsen). Niall also provides dermal filler treatments.


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