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Cindy Crawford raises eyebrows at sports event


Famous as a top supermodel in the eighties and nineties, you would think Cindy Crawford isn’t someone who has to worry about looking beautiful, but age catches up to everyone eventually, and the 45-year-old has often spoke about her love of cosmetic enhancement. The model recently stepped out with husband Rande to a basketball game in LA, with clear signs of Botox and dermal fillers.

Cindy’s cheekbones appear to have defied the years, instead of sinking and becoming flatter, they have beaten gravity and look fuller than ever. Cosmetic surgeon Nick Percival spoke to MailOnline and commented that ‘She has very well-defined cheekbones, which could suggest she has had some injectables to highlight these, and there appears to be no lines between her eyebrows, which could suggest she has had Botox in this area.’

There’s no denying that Ms Crawford looks good for her age, but there are obvious changes in her facial structure that are difficult to ignore. LA dermatologist Dr Behnam pointed out that she has the ‘triangle of beauty’, a facial alignment and proportion that is associated with youth, but he added that ‘she’s losing that triangle. It gives her that look of not being young anymore. Because that’s how we perceive youth, the triangle of beauty.’ However, not wanting to knock Cindy’s appearance, Dr Behnam added that ‘she still looks good for someone her age.’

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