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Ch4 reality star denies having lip injections with make-up free selfie


Gogglebox’s Scarlett Moffatt has been getting a lot of attention for her amazing weight loss recently, but now her online followers have suggested that she has had lip injections to enlarge her pout and the 25-year-old has taken to social media to shoot down the rumours by posting a picture of herself wearing no make-up.

The Channel 4 reality star is open about her love of make-up and admitted that she has had dental veneers fitted but denies getting any lip-plumping injections and insists her face is completely natural. The Gogglebox regular shared two pictures side by side; one showing her with a full face of heavy make-up and a filter, showing her apparently larger lips, and the other revealing a more natural look, without any make-up at all.

Scarlett posted the pictures to Instagram and added the caption ‘To prove a point about my lips! Just to show you what make up can do.’ She also denied having any injections recently, saying ‘I’m not having fillers every week like people are saying, these pics were taken on the same day.’ Apparently Scarlett has ‘lip liner and matte lipstick’ to thank for her plumper lips and drastically altered appearance.

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