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Cameron Diaz on why she wants to age gracefully after considering Botox


Film star Cameron Diaz has been in the acting game for over twenty years but she’s defying Hollywood trends by deciding to age gracefully, rather than turning to Botox injections. Although she admits that she has considered Botox or dermal fillers in the past, the 43-year-old has decided to let nature take its course.

Cameron told Access Hollywood that whenever she hears the phrase ‘anti-aging’ it makes her ‘crazy’ because ‘there’s no such thing’ and there is no way to stop the passage of time. Ms Diaz, who wed rocker Benji Madden last year, says that she feels ‘aging has gotten a bad rap’ and because of this she has written a book about empowering people to live well for a long time; the new title The Longevity Book is a follow-up to her 2013 effort The Body Book.  Cameron keeps a blog about her experiences with aging and offers advice to readers about how you can ‘understand how your body works’ in order to keep it in tip top condition as you age.

Although she is against surgery most of the time, the actress has admitted that she did consider Botox treatment in the past, just because her face feels very tired after acting and at the end of the movie she describes wanting to ‘stop it for one second!’


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