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Has Brandi Glanville overdone cosmetic surgery?


Reality star Brandi Glanville was seen out and about in New York this week and her surprisingly smooth complexion has raised more than a few eyebrows. The Real Housewives regular was spotted leaving the Big Morning Buzz Life studios on Tuesday and waiting photographers were shocked by the apparent change in Brandi’s appearance.

Back in February, Radar reported that Brandi had admitted to getting cosmetic surgery and said that she ‘had some Botox and bad fillers’. She also added that she has ‘overdone it at times’ but cited her age as the reason for her cosmetic treatments.  In another interview, Brandi added that she had spent $30,000 on surgery since her nose was broken in 2009.

The mother-of-two told Life&Style magazine that she has been getting facial injections since she was 25-years-old. Brandi said ‘I had Botox back in 2002. I… only do Botox twice a year now. I have that hollow area (in cheeks) injected with fillers. And I have acne scars filled sometimes.

Fans of the show may be surprised to hear of the amount money the reality star has been spending on her facial treatments, given that she has recently been complaining that she is struggling to pay her rent.

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